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Gov & Enterprise

gisocn.com have successfully developed GIS system solutions for government and enterprises, it based on 3D Simulation MAP.
Advanced J2EE be used for the system and some core techniques.
Trans-platform Multiinterface of Database.
System use distributed application,solve Concurrent on the network.
Reserve rich interface, expand application of other industry,provide Map and Data Support Integrated Information Platform

Platform function and characteristics:

(1) the development of language JAVA, mature J2EE framework technology, high performance, high scalability, cross platform ;
(2) compatible with a variety of mainstream databases, such as ORACLE, MSSQL, MYSQL and so on;
(3) applied in the distributed system, effectively solves the problems caused by high concurrency network ;
(4) the rich API interface for other applications to provide maps and data sharing support function;
(5) a powerful map search technology, based on the realization of 3D map search and accurate positioning information;
(6) the background of strong function of the system can be detailed and flexible configuration.