2. Baidu launched the 3D map service silently under cooperation with Ocn

The news on Aug 27 said that Baidu (ditu.baidu.com),one of the 中文版 search engine products, has many actions since this year. After they formally proclaimed open for application interfaces API (Application Programming Interface), they silently launched the application of 3D map last night.

As far as it was known, attentive friends yesterday found a subtle changes in the map that when using a map in the service, apart from ordinary electronic maps functions, the new 3D map button was added. the three-dimensional buttons Users clicked the address to converted the content into a "three-dimensional mode ". For example, in a search for the map" Tencent Beijing office ", a three-dimensional image building of the Yin Ke appeared.

The information shows that, Baidu cooperated with Ocn to launch the three-dimensional map. Ocn was operated by Guangzhou Yidong Co., Ltd, who specialized in 3D virtual simulation map service and won the national mapping qualifications of the serie b. Up to present, Baidu always use the professional company mapbar engine for 2D map.