Baidu partnered with Ocn to launch 3D map service for Shanghai World Expo

On Apr 26, 2010, Baidu map announced API was free to public, which provided to the field of Internet map application service with great opportunity and immense imaginary space.

On Apr 30, 2010, right before the opening of Shanghai World Expo, the special 3D map service platform for the subject of Shanghai World Expo ( officially launched to use, which was a joint project by Baidu( partner and Ocn( Baidu, as a trend leader again, provided a convenient, correct, ocular information query platform to the net citizens. The users can access the subject of 3D Shanghai World Expo and brow the simulated 3D map to have a bird-eye view or a magnified overview of exhibition halls. It enable the visitors to "see before visiting", and to search and learn the information of more than 100 exhibition halls, as well as the location information of catering and car parking inside the exhibition area.Baidu partnered with magnate of mapping, Navinfo and Ocn, and some else to provide data in order to keep the accuracy and update of information, following up the changes of facilities and information of World Expo area building in high speed.

In the campaign of "Earth going dark for an hour", there is an exclusive cooperation of Baidu and WWF(World Wildlife Fund ) based on map application. Over three million net citizens had logged in the official activity web site of Baidu map to interact, which created a record. The 3D map service for Shanghai World Expo is a starting point of exclusive cooperation of in a long and deep term, which accelerated and simulated the net citizens immensely to concern and know about the World Expo, and it is likely to be an important window to promote the World Expo.

According to the rank of monitor data of China web sites on 2010 April, the daily visits of Baidu had been up to 130,000,000 PV, and increased explosively in a constant trend, which has already exceeded other electronic map service suppliers. After precise research and evaluation, Baidu had chosen Ocn as the exclusive cooperative partner of 3D electronic map after cooperation with Navinfo of 2D electronic map data, which was based on the consensus about the future development direction of path. Afterwards, both parties would exert themselves and develop more new products and services to bring more application and better experience to net citizens, meanwhile, and build up the revenue model of liquidity to promote rapid development of net map industry chain.

Main Interface of 3D map of Shanghai World Expo