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3D Map

Map of 3D simulation (also known as 2.5 dimensional map), is based on the satellite map, which has the real reduction according to the on-the-spot photograph and data collection. It is generated through the 3D simulation software of the industry. Finally, with a fixed angle of view (usually from the southeast to the northwest 45 degrees, fixed overlooks the angle ) and rendering, generate a picture of JPG format, the degree of simulation must be over 90%.

Product features:
(1) unique 3D simulation technology, create the industry's the most exquisite 3D map;
(2) based on the international general coordinate system construction, work with other plane map and system for seamless position;
(3) according to customer demand, customized various perspective 3D map of multi angle of view.

3D Map Data emulation

3D Map Product
Produced based on 0.6M Satellite Images,and combine acquisiting in the field,accord with WGS-84 and coordination system of china standar,support change each other
International polygon simulation technology,biofidelity is above 90%
strictly in accordance with requirements of National Archives of Surveying and security,not involved in military
fine structure and texture,environment and abundant green landscape.
Visual angle
southeast-northwestward,the best 3D visual effect
Very close to the actual rendering using ray tracing renderer
JPG Grid Map
Support online without plug-in fluent browse, realize the rapid location navigation, thematic classification data retrieval, fine flag entities show daily basic function.