True 3D digital city
True 3D digital city

True 3D model data, refers to the city 's large scale topographic map, high resolution satellite maps or aerial, through data collection personnel in field site building appearance and structural data, combined with the height of the building, using 3-D modeling software to build 3D building model of real city. Model data in size, material, all in strict accordance with the topography and the actual data for production, the production of the finished model data and real objects were almost identical, fidelity to reach more than 95%.

True 3D model with realistic environment almost unanimously, can give users strong and vivid sensory impact, get be personally on the scene experience, users can in true 3D scene in free roam, human-computer interaction, especially large and complex engineering project planning, design, bidding, approval, management, through the real simulation of roaming, can easily to find some design defects, reduced due to poor planning and cause irreparable loss and regret, greatly improving the assessment of project quality.

At present, the true 3D model data have been widely used in city planning, engineering design, landscape layout and other industries.

True 3D model demo

Panorama Virtual Reality

Panorama Virtual Reality ( also known as real virtual ) is based on the panoramic image of a real scene of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality panoramic ( English name is Vertial Reality Panorama, also known as VR panorama) is a camera ring 360 degrees of filmed a group photo mosaic into a panoramic image, through the computer technology to realize all-around interactive viewing the real scene restore display mode.